When you learn to adopt a positive mindset your happiness increases. And happiness supports health. Your happiness and wellbeing are the first things this program focuses on. One thing normally forgotten when it comes to weight loss is mindset. Focusing on your mindset will help you switch off self-defeating thoughts. The Weight Loss Mentor Programs will focus on your needs, not some pre-defined fitness ideal. The Weight Loss Mentor Program is much more than simply working with a personal Trainer. Yes, I can help you develop an exercise plan, but that’s just 25% of the coaching process.

The Weight loss Mentor Program helps you with;

  • 100% Accountability, support & motivation

  • Whole person approach, focusing on Exercise, Nutrition, Education and mindset

  • Feel better on the inside as much as looking good on the outside

  • Sustainable, balanced that encourages an active lifestyle

  • A simplified approach to Nutrition

  • Start a health and fitness program that fits you

The program begins with a 2-hour intense Super Session where we discuss your goals, mindset, commitment levels, benefits and barriers, your current lifestyle and previous programs you have taken to help you lose weight.


At the completion of this session, you receive a training program, if you take up the Silver package you will also gain access to the Nutrition App and 4200 meal plans.  On a monthly basis you will get weekly accountability calls, this is where you can ask me any questions and where I will be holding you accountable for anything you may have missed along the way.


Weekly education emails will be sent out to you, education is important and you need to understand how the body works and how the right or wrong choices in food can affect your weight loss goals. You will also get access to my private Facebook group, that also meets for a monthly to work through potential barriers and to meet people going through similar struggles.

There is a minimum of a 12 week commitment as results won't just happen over night, and if you need some extra help with exercise, I can personally train you myself or help you find a trainer that will support you in this program. I don’t believe in a quick fix, and you need at least 12 weeks to make any real progress. I don’t hide behind the computer screen, I offer face to face contact, and you can contact me at any time.

My approach is the Whole Person Approach

Sometimes you turn up to training, and you just don’t give 100% because in your mind your thinking about your day at work, why your boyfriend or upset you or what’s for dinner. That is why my approach is 25% Exercise, 25% nutrition, 25% education and 25% Mindset, the latter being the key to all of this. We need to have all 4 under control, it doesn’t have to be perfect, we can work on perfect with practise.

My approach is to talk with you about your diet, fitness level, and any mental strains and stress that are bothering you. My coaching will expose your negative feelings and beliefs so you can get rid of them and urge you tap into positive thoughts. This helps you develop an uplifting mindset. When you do that, you won't want to eat junk food or sit on the couch. You'll want to get out there and do more things. The new diet and exercise goals you set with the Weight Loss Mentor Program will be based on your interests. And the positive mindset nurtured by coaching transforms you into someone who truly wants to build a healthy lifestyle







Diploma in Life Coaching

Diploma in Sports Management

Diploma in Fitness

13 years in Fitness Industry

Weight Loss Mentor is the brainchild of Personal Trainer, Life Coach and Group Instructor, Paul Hamad.

After nearly a decade in the fitness industry, Paul has worked personally with clients ranging from budding teenage tennis stars, to post-surgery seniors, and everything in between.

Paul found his true passion comes from helping people reach and exceed their fitness goals, watching people transform physically and mentally into more positive, generally happier people, got Paul hooked on personal training.

Head Coach

Paul Hamad