Welcome to the Weight Loss Guide.

As you already know, having muscle is cool. It’s always better to have it than not and it will always be that way.

But what good is having all that muscle, if it can’t properly be seen? It seems a bit unfair to have something so glorious being covered by a layer of the unwanted stuff!

This is the Men’s Body Shred Fat Burning eBook where the rewards are reaped for all of your efforts sown a long time ago. It’s time to get serious and level up one stage further. It’s time to cut the fat and get shredded for whatever season you like.

By the end of this eBook, you really will see how much value there is in the sentence “Abs are made in the kitchen”.

The aim of this eBook is much greater than to just layout some steps for you to follow in order to burn body fat. This eBook aims to arm you with enough new knowledge, skills and experience that you are then able to share what you learn and help other people too.

You will learn and understand the core concepts of burning fat in terms of training and more importantly, nutrition. You will see what your body is capable of becoming when your diet and training are adjusted to place your body in an optimal state for burning fat.

You will learn about your metabolism and how much energy your body naturally burns through on a daily basis. From this, you will learn and how much of the right foods you need to be consuming in order to burn body fat and preserve muscle mass.

You are going to learn how the human body works, but most importantly, you are going to learn how your body works.

Never forget that you are making positive changes to your life by perusing a more fit and active lifestyle. Achieving victory here will not just make you look like a champion on the outside. It will make you feel like a champion on the inside. A healthier and vitalised body positively influences your emotional and mind states. You will become better in every way imaginable and it will provide you with real lasting self-confidence.


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