In the Walk & Talk program this will give you

  • 2 Hour Super Session
  • 2 Hour Lifestyle & Nutrition Consultation
  • 1 Hour Walk & Talk
  • 1 Hour Fitness Test
  • 1 x 12 Week Training Program
  • 8 Weeks of Weekly 90 Minute Walk & Talk Session (Starting from Week 5)


  • 1 x 60 Minute Program Review

  • 1 x 12 Week training Program

* Direct debit & payment Plans Available on Request


At the completion of the Above 4 weeks you will then get the following ongoing until the completion of your program.


  • Weekly Walk & Talk (60 Minutes)
  • Access to Private Facebook Group
  • Access to Nutrition & Training App
  • Access to 4200 Meal plans


The 26 Week Accountability Program begins with a 2-hour intense Super Session where we discuss things such as goals, mindset, obstacles and previous programs you have taken to help you lose weight. During the Super Session we will also book in our next three sessions, which will be a Lifestyle & Nutrition Consultation, Walk & Talk, and a Fitness Test. In this 4 week period, you will also recieve your 12 Week trainiing Program.


Following the first 4 weeks of this program you  Be accepted into my private Facebook Group, We will set you up in my Nutrition & Training App, where you will have access to 4200 meal Plans. Along with this access you will have my full support via email.


If you decide to stay on past the 12th week; 

We will organise tp have a Program Review along with getting a new 12 Week Training Program.


When you learn to adopt a positive mindset your happiness increases. And happiness supports health. Your happiness and wellbeing are the first things this program focuses on. One thing normally forgotten when it comes to weight loss is mindset. Focusing on your mindset will help you switch off self-defeating thoughts. The Weight Loss Mentor Programs gives you someone to accountability and support and someone to talk about your health and fitness goals.


The program will focus on your needs, not some pre-defined fitness ideal. The Weight Loss Mentor Program is much more than simply working with a personal Trainer. Yes, I can help you develop an exercise plan, but that’s just 25% of the coaching process.


The Weight loss Mentor Program helps you with;


  • You get 100% Accountability, 100% Support & 100% Motivation
  • Whole person approach, focusing on Exercise, Nutrition, Education and mindset
  • Feel better on the inside as much as looking good on the outside
  • Sustainable, balanced that encourages an active lifestyle
  • A simplified approach to Nutrition
  • Start a health and fitness program that fits you