1 Year Transform & Train

1 Year Transform & Train

2 x Personal Training Session Per Week



  • 2 Hour Super Session (1st Month)
  • Personalised 12 Week Training Program (4 in total)
  • 60 Minute Food Consultation (1st Month)
  • 2 x 10 Minute Accountbility Calls / Month
  • 5 x Walk & Talk (1 on 1) taken throughout the year
  • 5 x 60 Minute coaching Session taken throughout the year.
  • Access to Private Facebook Group
  • Nutrition & Trainin App - FULL Access
  • Access to 4200 Meal Plans
  • Email Contact between sessions



The 4 Week Intro Program starts with a 2 hour Super session as a once off, and has 2 Accountability calls per month to support you along the way. Through-out the year you will also have 5 x 60 minute coaching Sessions and 5 90 Minute Walk & Talks. You will also have access to my Private Facebook Group, where you ill receive free tools, advice and support from myself and other people who are on a similar journey to you. 


The Weight Loss Mentor Program is your ultimate support network, you do the work and I’ll be just a phone call away. At the start and every 12 weeks you will recieve a new training program and a customised meal plan. along the way you will get 100% accountability, support and motivation​


Your motivation is the key to success to live the life you have been wanting to live, with my support and motivation we together, can make this happen.