WHY! WHY! WHY! because life is not easy, it can be very hard at time, and sometimes just sometimes we can do with a little help. You might know what you need to do, but you might not know how to do it or vise versa.

A Life coach can help you, i can help you, we all need a little help sometimes

We live in a society that is not so simple anymore, not the way our parents had it. Our parents went to work doing one job for 10 or 20 + years, they didn't change careers, they didn't go on a trip every year, they would go to the holiday house every Christmas and usually the same place on repeat.

But for us, in the society that we live in, holidays, kids sports, social media, we just want want want, we want to experience life, we want to change careers, we get bored very easily, as i write this post we are going through lockdown with the corona virus, and look how everybody is struggling, do you think our parents would of struggled?? maybe, but not as much as we are.

Benefits of Life Coaching Everyone wants to have a happy, fulfilling life. Even people who seem to have everything want a little more – and it’s not necessarily money. They may want more free time, work-life balance, creativity, or more energy.

Having a happy, fulfilling life means fulfillment in all areas of your life. If you have a fulfilling career, professional achievements and lots of money but no-one to love and no-one to talk to when you come home from work – you probably not very happy.

If you found your soulmate, have a wonderful family and friends but struggle financially – you may not be happy either.

If there’s anything missing from your life, and you don’t know what to do about it you’re not happy. Working with a life coach may help you create a life that’s built on inspiration, love, joy, serenity, and gratitude.

That may be one of the reasons that Oprah or Dr Phil’s advice is so popular.

It’s because everyone’s looking for answers.

What if you want answers tailored specifically to your life and your situation?

Your best bet is hiring a life coach.

Achieving meaningful goals and creating a happy life is not easy without a clear vision and direction, and one of the benefits of life coaching is gaining clarity about what you want. Knowing what your desire is just the first step. Then you have take action, and that’s not always easy.

According to Mayo Clinic, a person who learns to identify and overcome of negative thinking patterns is able to better handle challenging situations, and that’s what a coach can help with.

Life coaching has multiple other benefits. Here’s what it can help you, depending on your needs: - boost your motivation - increase energy - increase confidence - set goals and achieve them - achieve a life-work balance - set boundaries - reduce stress, obstacles, fears, and insecurities - increase our self-awareness and awareness of new opportunities - define the gap between where we are and where we want to be - increase flexibility and adaptability - encourage positive behavioral changes - positively affect our health - improve our personal relationships - develop our ability to listen to our inner voice/intuition - bring abundance into your life - improve personal skills and behaviour

Naturally, these positive changes affect more than our personal life, we also become happier and more productive at work. Research shows that life coaching has great effect on both individual employees and teams.

Here are the benefits of life coaching in the workplace: - improved performance and productivity - lower employees turnover - higher employee satisfaction - better career planning - increase ability to set and achieve professional goals - better risk management - more job satisfaction - ability to find creative solutions to problems

Most successful people have a coaches who help them get rid of negative beliefs, set better goals, and take more action. Coaching clients come from all walks of life: parents, business professionals, entrepreneur, ordinary people who want a happier, better life.

Ready for life change? Try life coaching.