Personal Development: Tried and Tested Way to Success

My problem with the Building Industry, as much as i enjoyed it, i knew what i was doing, and had a good income, It wasn;t allowing me to be the best version of myself.

My Job started at 7am which meant i had to wake up at 530am just to get to work on time, which was a one hour drive. I would be driving around Sydney's North Shore, from job to job sometimes we had 4 or 5 jobs running at the one time. My job was to make sure the jobs were running, looking after tradesman, laboureres, Clients, daily runs to Bunnings and picking up some material from another supplier. Then i would be home by 5 or 6 pm.

On the drive home i would probably do a quick Maccas Drive Thru, get home and have dinner and by the time i did that, i was not bothered going to the Gym.

The Building Industry didn't allow me to develop as a person, sure i learnt many lessons, and it has helped me get to where i am now. But for me as a person i like to help people,its a natural ability for me to be able to help people. I have a knack of looking at the positive side of life and finding a solution to move forward in life.

We all had big dreams when we were children. They came true to some, but most people have given up on their dreams.

Are you living the life you dreamed of when you were a kid? Or you give up on your dreams and decided to “get real” and settle for an average lifestyle?

Successful people never give up on their dreams.

They focus on what they want and why they want it. They take calculated risks, look for the best strategies and techniques, and work hard. Most importantly, they understand that if you to live a lifestyle of absolute freedom and abundance you must start from yourself. If you're not completely satisfied with the life you've created, enrolling in one of the popular self- improvement courses might help. Taking a self-help course works very well for many people who don’t know much about self development, or for those who have read a lot about it and look for a step-by-step practical approach.

Taking a course in one area of self-development, such as motivation or goal setting is often a steppingstone to working with a life coach or business coach.

Self-development doesn’t have to be a bi, time consuming job. Little improvements over the time add up, and change life for the better. It doesn’t have to be a seminar or a course that will inspire you, sometimes it’s a meaningful conversation, a quote, a book, or a movie that makes you look at your yourself and your life from a different perspective.

Hundreds of tools, techniques, strategies are available to those interested in self-improvement. No matter what your background, beliefs, or personality type, there is something to help you create the life of your dreams, too.

Discussing your options with a coach is a shortcut to deciding on that plan of action. Coaches are trained in customising and tailoring the techniques to ensure that the client don’t waste time on something that’s most likely not the best for them – even if it works for their sister or their friend.

It’s often things like the learning style that we don’t consider (and your coach would be aware of). If you’re not a visual person, meditation focused on images will take a lot of effort – or may not work for you at all. Add sound, and all of the sudden it might work like a charm!

Coaches may suggest any of the tools they have in their toolbox. From simple form to fill in, and a question to make you think, funny pictures to make you laugh or cards to inspire, to crystals, prayer, art therapy or Law of Attraction – a good coach will find what’s optimal in your situation.

True abundance is not just about money but living in financial struggle has nothing to with being spiritual. Just the opposite: financial security and independence is essential to improving all areas of your life, including the spiritual part of your life. Being able to help others id often much easier when you have funds you can use whenever you want to.

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