How To Manage Your Time Better and Improve your Quality of Life

Give yourself enough time, we think it takes 10 minutes but it never does, never. Second thing to consider is have a list of things you need to do and tick them off, it will save time because you will be more focused on the jobs at hands.

I have a list for everything, list for things to do for work, for home, a shopping list broken down to a Woolworths list and a Costco list, it works it really works. People wonder how i get so much done and how i juggle my life, its because i have these lists in place. You will thank me for it..... Write a List

We create our lifestyle - there’s no doubt about it.

Sometimes our lifestyle doesn’t quite reflect our dreams. Even though we have almost everything

that we put on our vision board – a successful business, beautiful house, car, plenty of money, good relationships and good health we may realise one day that there’s one thing missing: time.

Effective time management is essential to creating quality life.

Most people are so busy that we often respond to a friend’s “How are you?” with, “Oh, you know, busy as usual...” without even thinking about it. And of course, by “busy” we usually mean working.

But being busy all the time may result in lack of time for other things that things that are extremely important for the quality of life. Things like getting enough sleep, creativity, having a social life or simply resting, relaxing, having fun – or even doing nothing.

“I don’t have time” is one of the common complaints I hear from my clients. But this is easy to solve with tips, techniques, and a few new habits that will help you manage your time better.

Take inventory of your life (I can help you with that) Look at each area of your life: work/business/career, financial, love, relationships, health (including emotional and mental health), and your spiritual life.

Notice which are looks neglected. No time for quality time with your loved ones? Or those art projects that you started last year? Said “no” to another party invitation? Working all the time?

If you see this pattern, it means that you need work on your life work balance.

Plan positive changes The changes don’t have to be dramatic to have an effect on your life. For example, getting a little earlier every day will at least give you more time in the morning to prepare for the day instead of running out of the door rushed and stressed out.

If you’ll get up early enough you can finish that book that you always wanted to write, but getting excited about it and trying to get up an hour earlier every day may not be a good idea.

Commit to those small changes and increase them a little as you go.

Start from setting aside 10 minutes every night to plan you next day, and to get organised.

Set realistic expectations When you feel overwhelmed and overworked, especially if you have a deadline, it’s tempting to try and complete your tasks faster.

The problem is - you won’t get any free time at the end of the day. You’ll be cutting corners – so quality won’t be that great, you’ll be working under stress – more mistakes, and trying to finish in 20 minutes something that usually takes 40 minutes will make you feel like a loser if you won’t finish on time.

Set some time for regular breaks throughout the day When you work – focus on working. Don’t let messages from Facebook or WhatsApp distract you.

When you take a break, have a walk, a drink or a snack, stretch, make a quick phone call. This is especially important if you spend all day in front of your computer – not very healthy!

Use Pomodoro technique to set those blocks of work time and break time. You can use software that allows you to customise that time, make a list of tasks, and tick them off one by one as you finish which is quite satisfying.

Get help if you feel stuck Sometimes all you need to get out of the rut is to see your day, your schedule, or your relationships from a different perspective, and then make little adjustments that will free your time and allow you to breathe easier, step back, and finally create life you deserve.