How to Find Your Soulmate?

I met my wife online, I met her on RSVP, she wasn't the first person i met, i went through many, like heaps, and it wasn't 1 year it was over the years. Sometimes the timing isn't always write and it's not exactly a Romeo & Juliet story, but it happened when it happened.

Your Soulmate is out there, and i don't have the ability to look in the future to tell you when they are coming. What i did , was i focused on myself, i had a mentality that i wanted to start meeting the right girl, someone i could see my self with, what this did for me was reduce the time wasters.

The one thing i tell my friends, is you have to put yourself out there, gone are the days where your friend sets you up. I had many friend say i have the perfect person for you, but they never set me up. We live in a Busy world, a world of internet, so why not, lets use the internet to meet people.

As a Life Coach one of the most common questions relationship and dating coaches hear is, “How do I find my soulmate?”

Many people are perfectly happy on their own, but the ones who are looking for a partner want more than someone to love, trust, and have fun with. They want that special connection and familiarity that’s so difficult to describe.

It’s often explained as, “It’s like we’ve know each other for ever” kind of feeling.

That feeling that tells you found your soulmate.

It’s more than fascination or physical attraction. It’s about emotions; you met someone – and you just know.

But how to find your soulmate? Where is that perfect someone?

Have you ever wondered why you are still looking?

The answer may help you decide what your next step should be.

It may be because you’re not sure who you are looking for.

Sometimes you know this is your other half the moment you meet the person, but if you don’t – having some kind of a vision may help.

Don’t stop believing Never give up. Just think that your soulmate is looking or waiting for you, too, and that having each other will help you to heal from whatever hurt you in the past, and become the best you can be.

Be your best authentic self Never lie about your height, age, education, or anything else. This is one of the biggest complains about online dating and one of the biggest mistakes you can make when looking for your soulmate: telling lies.

Trying to appear someone you’re not only proves your low self-esteem, and that’s not very alluring. In fact, a big part of attraction is confidence.

Forget the past Keeping photographs of your past lovers or calling and texting your ex gives the Universe – or your subconscious mind – the wrong message. Commit to that one person the way you will expect them to commit to you.

Listen to your intuition Coaches help clients develop many useful skills. One of them is the ability to recognise and hear your inner voice. Your inner voice – or intuition – may be your best tool when you need more guidance or lose faith in finding your soulmate.

Don’t try too hard When meeting new people, make sure that you not being too forward, it can be off-putting. Have fun, even though you may feel like you’re on a mission, you’re not looking for a temp work to pay an urgent bill – you’re looking for someone to have fun with, right?


If the person you just met doesn’t seem to be The One, you may still get yourself a great friend! I made many friends while looking for my soulmate.

Alone doesn’t have to mean lonely. You can be a happy person leading a happy, fulfilling life but sharing your life adventures with your soulmate adds another dimension to your life and makes it more exciting.

Before I met my wife, I spent many lonely, sleepless nights, trying a number of different dating sites and mobile apps, getting disappointed – and almost giving up.

But I didn’t because I knew the right person was out there for me.

Finally, I met her on RSVP.

If you are longing for that special connection with a special someone that you’re looking for, let me put you in the right direction. Just call or message - let’s have a chat.

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