How to Create a Powerful Website Statement

I specialise in helping people like you find purpose and direction, identify your passions, strengths and values, and design a plan to move forward in life. ​ My clients overcome obstacles and look for the best solutions to achieve their weight loss goals, find their perfect partners, take that leap of changing careers, and make their entrepreneurial dreams come true. ​ I can help you evaluate your life, identify what matters to you, set your personal and professional goals, reduce anxiety, frustration and stress, feel happier, healthier and be in control.

That was my website statement, took me a while to get the words from my head to the website, People put a lot of work on building your website and making it looking good. Now you have to put some content there.

Your website represents your company, your business, your vision, and your goals, it’s your big online business card so the first impression must be great. And quality content is a big part of this first impression.

Some people write whatever, thinking that as long the information is there it will work.

In a way they’re right, but there’s more to it. Put it that way: you can have the basic information about who you are, what you do, how your potential clients or customers will benefit from dealing with you, and how they can contact you. In some industries that will be enough, especially if you have plenty of clients.

But adding a little bit extra, like FAQ page, or your website statement of purpose, can give your visitors a clearer picture of what your business is about, and why they should buy from you.

Here’s how to create a powerful website statement:

Tell your readers why you got into your business in the first place.

Your clients want to know about you.

Tell them what made you choose this type of business. It should be more than your education or your experience, something that will show them your heart is there.

There are many businesses out there built with profit as the main goal, your customers will support you if they know that money is not the only thing that matters to you.

Explain your business goals and values There are many ways of telling your readers about your goals and values. You can add a bulleted list, or be more subtle and weave them into your website for your readers to discover.

If your statement is authentic, based on your business mission and vision statements, your readers will be able to find these values anyway.

Answer your readers’ questions One of the most important things in business is to know your target market and its needs. With all the tools available right now online, doing your research is easy. Pay attention to your readers’ comments on your Facebook page or your blog posts page and you’ll learn a lot.

Knowing what your customers need and want will also help you create the products and services that will be the perfect solution to whatever keeps them awake at night.

Build trust and connection One of the best ways of building trust is to use facts and specifics. That will show your readers that you know what you’re talking about. Add your qualifications, awards, and whatever boosts your credibility.

If you speak your readers language, care about them, and have something to offer, you can build the connection easily.

Use your brand’s voice Even though you speak your readers’ language and use the expressions they use, your brand still should have its own voice they’ll recognise easily.

Your brand’s voice is part of your identity and part of your uniqueness, and can be extremely powerful if used correctly.

You can include some of that information in your About Us page, your FAQs, or mention it in your website statement anyway.

Just make sure that it’s authentic and differentiates you from your competition. I’m a life coach, business coach but also a personal trainer – and that what makes me different from some other coaches. I’m only a call away.