Healthy Lifestyle Tips for the Time Poor

The good news is when you take a holistic approach it becomes much simpler as one little step in

any area in your life helps manage another. If you get enough sleep, you will be to think more

clearly, be more productive, and resilient. Research shows that good sleep can enhance athletic performance, help lose weight, reduce risk of heart disease, type 2 diabetes, and depression.

Here are some tips to help you maintain a healthy lifestyle even if you think do not have time at all.

Maintain a healthy weight.

A healthy weight is important for your health, your energy level, and quality of life. Healthy weight allows you to have better self-worth, look great in that size-10 dress, dance all night, have more energy, better mood, and enjoy summer without puffing and sweating.

Remember that a healthy weight does not necessarily mean losing weight. If you are underweight, you may want to gain some weight to improve your health and wellness. Whether you need to lose 10 kilos or gain some bone and muscle strength, the fastest and safest way is to hire a coach. A coach will develop a plan that will be customised to your situation and your needs even if you are time poor.

No time to hit the gym?

Our bodies were designed to move. A sedentary life has serious consequences, including many chronic diseases. Exercise is essential to good health, and “I do not have time” is no excuse. My clients include new mums who just want to find some time to get enough sleep, busy entrepreneurs that try to juggle three businesses and family life, people stuck in the most demanding jobs that at

the end of the day leave them with no energy to hit the gym – or anything else.

We look at their priorities, their mindset, how they spend their time, what type of exercise fits into their life – and we find a solution to “I have no time” every single time. We start from baby steps, sometimes from one small change that they can make today. A 10-minute workout - every day – can make a big difference. Would you like to check how it would change your life?

Good habits - bad habits

Change your habits and your change your life.

Some of them are little things, some are bigger, some are easy to develop or get rid of, some are tougher, but they all matter.

Drink enough water. Get enough sleep. Stop smoking. Go for a walk every day. Laugh, smile, pray, meditate. Stay positive. Eat well. Stop worrying about what you cannot control. Learn a new skill. Cut down on sugar. Manage your money wisely. Practice gratitude. Do acts of kindness. Build the perfect morning routine. Write a book. Get rid of clutter. Dance.

Many of these good habits will not only require a lot of time, but they will help you save time. They will enhance your lifestyle and make you a better person.

If you are still not sure where to start, contact me and I will show you how to decide what matters in you life, and how to find the time for it.