Everyday i'm juggling

I have a list, of things i need to do. First column is work, second column tasks around the house and third column is other things. For myself this lists helps me get through those small meaningless tasks, so that when it's time to spend time with my family, my mind is clear. My best advice is write a list, don't leave the information in your head. keep crossing the list off and keep creating new lists.

One of the biggest challenges most of my clients face is lack of work life balance. Business setbacks or long work hours negatively affect their personal life, including their relationships. Some don’t even see that happening until their relationship is ruined or they get sick.

It can work the other way around: personal issues can affect our work and cause some major delays and loss of income or reputation. Working with entrepreneurs, business owners, artists, professionals gives a me a lot of fun and satisfaction. They all make important personal and professional decisions every day, trying to maintain the work life balance at the same time.

And that’s not easy. If you’re getting married or have some emergency in your family – your priorities change, and your personal life gets all your attention. When you have some crisis at work – you might decide to miss your child concert or soccer game.

We have to make some tough decisions from time to time but keeping work life balance doesn’t have to be difficult.

Here are the top strategies that work for my clients when things get tricky

(I use them, too).

1. Stay calm It’s not easy to make smart decisions that will help you regain balance If you feel anxious or overwhelmed, so use whatever works for you to remain calm and focused. Learn breathing techniques, many people swear by mastering breathing. This will help you find the best solution to your problems, design a step-by-step plan, and take the next step with confidence.

2. Create systems that work Success in life and business depends on good systems. Going aimlessly from one option or solution to another will only cause more stress. Without a system you may lose control of the situation and look less competent to your employees, colleagues and bosses. Also, your family and friends will probably see your frustration, and that most likely will upset them, too.

Talk with a coach or therapist may help if you feel stuck or out of control. Your coach will definitely be able to help you create an effective system to streamline what you’re doing and increase you efficacy and confidence.

3. Ask the Guardian or Higher Self for guidance Connecting with the Source of life has a calming and empowering effect. You don’t have to be religious to tap into the spiritual part of our being.

If you spend 15 minutes every day meditating, praying, or relaxing (not watching tv but really relaxing) you may get some unexpected effects, like a sudden spark of inspiration, a brilliant solution that you never even thought about.

I’ll be posting more tips and resources in my blog so make sure you check up often or sign up for updates.

4. Take care of yourself You may need extra energy to handle extra difficult situations effectively. To have that extra energy you need to look after yourself: sleep well, eat well, and reduce stress. Keep an eye on your energy level and act immediately if you see it dropping.

If you feel tired, a little change in your diet, vitamins, or even a nap can make big difference. Check with a nutritionist or your doctor before making any major changes. Life work balance is not a set-and-forget thing. As your work and life situation changes, you may need to adjust your boundaries, check whose advice you take, what kind of standards and values you have in your life, add more useful techniques and get rid of the old ones that don’t serve you anymore.

Having regular coaching sessions helps my clients develop a habit of monitoring their life, fixing little dramas before they get out of control, and celebrating the great moments.

If you think that would help you, contact me and I’ll be happy to help.