Personal Training Program
Personal Training Program

No fuss, no frills – it’s exactly what it sounds like. Get one-on-one personal or group training sessions with a qualified Personal Trainer to give you that extra push while you’re working out. Whether it’s for a spot of motivation or a spotter at the gym, this is the way to go.

Or you can even supplement any of the other programs with additional Personal Training sessions at a discounted rate to keep you motivated and on track to hitting your goals.

Weekly and monthly plans available. Enquire now.

  • One-on-one (or group) sessions with certified and experienced Personal Trainer

  • Customised workout and meal plans to suit your body’s needs

  • Achieve consistency with your form and routine

  • Flexible workout and coaching plans available over the course of 12 weeks on your schedule

Not just a diet. Not just exercise. Strike the balance for a fitness lifestyle that works.

Meet the Coach


Diploma in Life Coaching

Diploma in Sports Management

Diploma in Fitness

13 years in Fitness Industry

After nearly a decade in the fitness industry, Paul has worked personally with clients ranging from budding teenage tennis stars, to post-surgery seniors, and everything in between.

Paul found his true passion comes from helping people reach and exceed their fitness goals, watching people transform physically and mentally into more positive, generally happier people, got Paul hooked on personal training.

Paul Hamad