Personal Trainers Business Mentor Program
Personal Trainers Business Mentor Program

The Mentoring Program has a very clear and specific outcome which is to help personal fitness trainers set up and build their business. The best way to describe the program is that it is personal training for your business! This program offers Face to Face contact, that you get monthly with myself, where i will teach you the skills of being a successful business owner and more importantly guide and motivate you towards your business goals.

My working life consists of 14 Years Project Management, Having my Own PT Business, 4 years of Sales in a Gym Environment, and 5 years of Life Coaching and Mentoring. If you need help with settingup your new business, building a website, understanding how to talk and sell to people, need help with social media and creating content, and understanding how to structure you classes and programming then i can help you.

What you get from this program?

  • Monthly 60 min-1 on 1 business coaching tailored specifically to your stated outcomes.

  • Unlimited Email and phone support mean that answers to your specific business questions

  • Support and guidance with Website, SEO and building your online profile.

  • Define a brand that stands out amongst your competitors

  • Build a clear action plan to get the work done

  • Promotion on Facebook, Instagram and my Website

Ask me about how you can reduce your monthly payment?

If you really need the mentor program and think it will help, but think you can't afford it but you have special skills, like writing a Blog Post, Creating an Instagram or Facebook Post, or are very handy in creating videos. Feel free to let me know and we can work something out.

I have worked in small business for over 20 years, i have a wide variety of experience, my personal training included bootcamps, working in studios, coaching kids, children, adults, worked in 4+ years in sales, and held mangement positions.

If you have any questions about how this process would work best for your needs, do not hesitate to call or text me at 0421 095 095 and I will hop on a quick call to learn more about your fitness business and provide recommendations on the best next steps.


Let’s do this!

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