The toolkit to help lay the

foundations for creating the life you want to live.

Many people come to coaching with specific goals in mind. But to achieve our goals we need to find ways (in these busy lives of ours) to stay energised, keep moving forward and getting things done. In the Life Overhaul Toolkit are tools to help you do just that - to achieve your goals, keep moving forwards, and find the energy you need to stay the course.

After completing this set of tools and exercises, you will feel energised by spending more time with people who inspire and support them and doing both more of what they love - and less of what they don't! You will also be more effective as you plan you week ahead and create some unique supportive daily habits to help you be more successful. Finally, there are also exercises to help you take stock of where you are, stop procrastinating on those annoying tasks, brainstorm ideas and actions to get unstuck, and a fun tool to bring lightness to your overwhelming tasks.

The Life Overhaul Toolkit can be done in any order;


1. Identify Your Spark Team! Boost your energy by identifying and beginning to create a team of people who encourage, inspire and support you!


2. Love and Loathe List Exercise. Reduce energy drainers and add more of what you love, and do less of what they loathe - whether it's in their life or at work.



3. Weekly Success Planning Tool Get  focused with this simple,  coaching tool. Includes a week in review page to help you improve going forwards.



4. Daily Success Habits Exercise By making small changes to our daily routine we can make BIG changes in our lives and careers!



5. Take Stock and Take Action Worksheet! This simple  coaching exercise and worksheet asks a few powerful questions to help you take stock of your current situation.


6. Stop Procrastinating  Get It Done! Explores your clients' motivation for the task, then brainstorms ways to make the task more pleasant, finally identifying 3 actions to get this task DONE!


7. Unstick Yourself Now! Worksheet This quick and easy worksheet helps your clients brainstorm, then identify 3 actions in a simple framework which they can carry forward into everyday life!



8. Eat Your Elephant Worksheet! Using a fun elephant image, this exercise helps identify actions and bring lightness to a big project. How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time!

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